404301 Swiper, Blue Compound, 1/8th Dirt Oval Tire, Fits #3321 and SCT Wheel

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Swiper, Blue Compound, 1/8th Dirt Oval Tire, Fits #3321 and SCT Wheel

The Swiper tire can pull double duty for SCT based vehicles and 1/8th buggy inspired dirt oval vehicles in a variety of conditions. The 2.2 x 3.0" bead-based diameters work well with all SCT wheels and JConcepts #3421 specifically designed for 1/8th dirt oval vehicles.

The profiled carcass is advanced with deep pads of directional tread poised to bite specific surfaces. The platform has a heavy center bar section of tread that provides openings and can help drive a vehicle in wet or slightly loamy conditions. The side tread is equally spaced, grooved and cut to slice through the dust, marbles, and small debris associated with dirt oval racing. The inner carcass includes ribbing to help brace and support the lower end of the sidewall while a specially built firm closed cell insert supports the upper sidewall and top of the carcass.

The included Dirt-Cell insert is a harder based material, stealth black in color, with minimal sculpting to provide the most amount of support for increased durability and drive-ability. Mount the Swiper tire on a favorite SCT wheel for classes such as Mud Boss, short course modified, short course late model, or 1/8th electric and nitro Late Model.


  • Deep, directional tread pads
  • Heavy center bar construction
  • Grooved and cut tread for versatility
  • Inner sidewall ribbing for sidewall support
  • Hard, Dirt-Cell insert for stability


(No reviews yet) Write a Review