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I started RC racing back in 1986 with my stock RC10. Over the next several years, that car evolved into a graphite swing arm car that at the time was the best available. I raced at our home track most the time and would sometimes travel to bigger races. After a while, I took a bunch of years off from racing, but still loved my cars. 

Three years ago, we started back in Dirt Oval racing. In the Midwest it's the hottest racing going on right now. A year into that I decided that I would start supplying parts to local racers which lead us to start building cars for others. We're pleased that now we supply race cars for racers coast to coast. 

Our most popular production Mudboss is preforming extremely well and has been our go to car for racers.

We are excited for the future in supplying you built fast RC cars and parts. We have found that not only racers want cars and parts, but that the backyard runners have found us for their part needs.  


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